Abdul Baig


STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (Physique & Building Positive Lasting Habits).

Clients amazing dedication to his goal… and we are just getting started.

Client @abdullah.baig007 has not long started his journey to transform his body but most importantly to become more healthier Internally and Mentally.

Abdul has been able to grow, and we can’t wait to carry on this progression to maintain a healthier lifestyle…. We have also been working regularly on having a mental focus in all parts of his life.

Know this, Abdul only had little stints in the gym prior to working with myself. I wanted to start off with priming his body ready. With the right guidance, he has found the love to train and reach new goals with fantastic results.

His effort is 100% every time and also enjoyed his training around our sessions. This client and I are in the process now of progressing nutrition as we agreed not to overwhelm with too much to begin with. Proud of you Abdul, let’s keep up the hard work.

My clients learn that it is only you that is in the way of what you want to achieve. Retrain the Brain as well as your body.