C l i e n t  W i n n i n g – Appreciation Post

Client Lauri (Estonia) – An absolute fitness machine and works very hard mentally and physically in all parts of his life from Himself, Family, Business and Training.

▪️ LIFE: He has accomplished so much from focusing on understanding himself, his life goals, family and also as you see above fitness goals.
Recently building his own home, looking towards retirement, investments and having a life for himself and family to be happy..

▪️ TRAINING: A very strong runner and into double figures for marathons in his life time . Another Marathon this year coming.
Completed his marathon at is home country Estonia last year in an amazing time and trained very hard for it. Well done Lauri.

He also competes in regular 7km and 3km local races. Recently came 9th overall out of 270 and first in his M40 class in the 7km race and 2nd in his 3km race.

A very proud coach and a very inspiring client I have. Fantastic work and I look forward to continuing working with him throughout this year.

You deserve the wins because you’ve worked so hard. We carry on as life is a continuous growth.