Mark Bignell

Mark is constantly striving to reach his goal…

6 w e e k s I n – Dedication

I’m proud of my Holistic Health Team 🙌🏼 smashing their physical and mental goals

▪️ My client Mark, took his training and nutrition to the next level. What you will also notice here in this transformation is his posture become better through my training plan I provided for him .

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (Physique, Strength & Building Positive Lasting Habits)

This client’s dedication to his goal was spot on…. Followed my training and nutrition guidance to a T and in just 6 weeks he is able to achieve this….
I have to say, when you have a goal and you ask for the right guidance you want from a professional, follow it with dedication…. You get the results.
Buuuut of course if there are mental hurdles in the way and struggles then definitely seek the support for that part of your life because it is not always easy for some people .

He has learnt so much on the journey and even though he was in the gym before working with me, his willingness to understand and know what works for him shows here and even he was shocked by the results so far…..

Proud of you Mark, let’s keep up the hard work 💪🏻.