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Experience an empowering journey of self-growth and wellbeing with Holistic Therapy. I offer personalised support for individuals Online Worldwide.

I am dedicated to simplifying life and fostering a deep sense of fulfilment. Through working together with my guidance, meticulous planning, and tailored support, I guide you on your transformative journey, challenging ingrained habits, and improving self-management skills for greater personal and professional success.

Ignite Passion In Your Relationships

Ignite passion in relationships by fostering open communication, expressing appreciation regularly, sharing experiences and adventures, maintaining physical connection, displaying affection, and committing time to understand and support each other's personal and emotional needs.

Ignite Passion In Your Relationships

Nurture open communication, appreciation, sharing, intimacy. Bliss!

Achieve All Round Wellbeing

Embrace a balanced diet, engage in regular physical activity, prioritise quality sleep, manage stress effectively, cultivate meaningful relationships, and practice mindfulness for all-round wellbeing.

Achieve All Round Wellbeing

Balance nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, relationships, mindfulness.

Become A More Effective Leader

To become a more effective leader, clearly articulate your vision, promote open and honest communication, uphold high ethical standards, foster teamwork, inspire and motivate others, make informed, strategic decisions, and continuously strive for self-improvement and professional development. Good leadership requires balance, empathy, and resilience.

Become A More Effective Leader

Cultivate clear vision, encourage communication, exhibit integrity, inspire teamwork, make informed decisions, and commit to continuous self-improvement as a leader.

Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

To gain clarity in your purpose, start by identifying your passions and strengths. Reflect on your core values and what truly fulfils you. Visualise your ideal future, set meaningful and realistic goals, and periodically assess your progress. Regular introspection and goal-setting can provide you with a clear sense of direction and purpose in life.

Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

Identify passions and strengths, visualise your future, set goals, and assess progress to clarify your purpose.


Empowering Personal and Professional Growth

As a certified Holistic Health Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, I specialise in empowering individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Through tailored strategies, I guide my clients towards a balanced lifestyle, helping them identify and overcome obstacles that halt progress.

My expertise extends beyond traditional health coaching. I focus on nurturing healthier belief systems and values, alleviating anxiety and fears, fostering productive relationships, and guiding clients through trauma release and healing. With a commitment to holistic wellbeing, I offer regression work and spiritual journey support. My approach is comprehensive, aiming at embedding positive habits for a transformative mindset and improved overall wellbeing.

Having overcome numerous life challenges myself, I understand the complexities life can present. My personal experiences, coupled with over a decade’s worth of professional education and self-learning, equip me to guide individuals through life’s challenges. I am dedicated to helping you navigate these challenges and attain your full potential.

Experience the transformation with a certified holistic health coach and NLP practitioner. Start your journey to your true self and personal growth today.


Professional Coaching for Success: Unlock Potential with Tailored Workplace Mental Health Strategies.

It’s critical to note that 80% of success is attributed to psychological factors like mindset, beliefs, and emotions. Only 20% of success is tied to strategy – the specific steps needed to reach a result. Therefore, even the most dedicated employees or students may falter in their pursuit of success if their mindset is misaligned.

As an experienced professional coach, my mission is to unlock potential within businesses and help individuals and teams excel. My focus is on enhancing quality of life, promoting mental health awareness, and empowering individuals to shed detrimental habits for success.

I believe in the power of company health days to foster physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. Helping individuals overcome mental health struggles and strategies for an improved quality of life brings me immense satisfaction.

As a specialist in mental health in the workplace, I create customised materials to raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues. If you’re part of a company looking to extend support to your staff, or if you know individuals who could benefit from group talks or personalised sessions, I’m here to assist.

Boost mental health and productivity in your company with online awareness sessions and professional coaching. Discover how these tailored sessions can help your employees cultivate successful habits. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about my professional coaching services.


Holistic Education Support and Empowerment.

As an experienced holistic health coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I’m passionate about empowering those in the education sector to realise their full potential. Leveraging the understanding that 80% of success stems from psychological factors, while a mere 20% hinges on the strategy – the specific steps needed to achieve the goal – my aim is to align mindset with purpose.

In prior engagements with respected institutions such as Halesowen College and Oldswinford Hospital School, my collaborative approach has helped both students and faculty navigate comprehensive lifestyle changes and enhance management strategies. My experience extends to contributing to the Million Mentors programme and providing consultative support, delivering one-on-one as well as group-based sessions.

One of my most impactful initiatives was the “Males Can Talk” programme at Halesowen College, a project focussed on creating a supportive environment for male students. This programme gave students the platform to discuss well-being, navigate life’s challenges, and address personal issues, with the option for more intimate one-on-one conversations. Feedback on this programme continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

For educational institutions or businesses interested in enhancing the mental wellbeing and success of their students, staff, or employees, I encourage you to get in touch for additional information on how my specialised programmes can assist. I look forward to demonstrating the significant value and transformative impact that can be achieved through holistic coaching and NLP in education.

“The majority of us… understand that the fear of failure often holds us back. But as your coach, I am here to assist in setting tangible goals, identifying obstacles, and navigating beyond fear and trauma. Step out of your comfort zone today and start your journey towards an extraordinary life.

FAQs about Holistic Therapy with NLP

1.  What can holistic health coaching with NLP help achieve?

Holistic health coaching with NLP can help with improved self-awareness, behaviour modification, emotional regulation, goal setting and achievement, improved communication, chronic disease management, enhanced mind-body connection, prevention of health problems, and increased self-confidence.

2. How long should Therapy last?

Therapy duration varies from short-term (6 to 20 sessions) for specific issues, moderate-term (several months to a year) for more complex issues, and long-term (a year or more) for chronic mental health conditions or ongoing personal growth.

3.  How does Holistic Health Therapy work?

Holistic health therapy with NLP involves an initial assessment, goal setting, creating a treatment plan, implementation, regular check-ins and adjustments, ongoing practice and maintenance, and re-evaluation.

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