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Baz has been the most supportive therapist, life coach, nutritionist and PT ever! I couldn’t recommend him enough, really helped me through some darker times.


Baz is a fantastic life coach. He is down to earth, makes you feel at ease and never makes you feel uncomfortable.

Baz thank you for all the support you have given me so far. I am truly grateful for all you have done so far and looking forward to new and positive life changes.


Baz changed my life. When I first met him I was physically and mentally out of shape. I’m now literally half the man I used to be with an outlook that’s twice as bright.

Baz didn’t push me to change, but helped me do it on my own with support, guidance and words of encouragement.


7 months ago I first started having therapy sessions/life coaching with Baz. And WOW am I glad I made that first step and contacted him! From his first phone call (The consultation) he made me feel comfortable and at ease and I knew he was going to be able to support me.

He is a lovely, genuine guy. He is very professional and passionate about his work, and it speaks volumes. He is patient, compassionate and empathetic.


Baz is one of the most, if not the most inspirational man I have ever met. He helped me nutritionally and also with finding myself and truly gave me a helping hand to save me. I will be eternally grateful for the support and for the life lessons he has given me!

I am ready to be me, in this big wide world!

Do not have any doubts that contacting Baz, it will be one of the best things you will ever do!


Baz has been a great life coach who asked the questions I needed to hear. We explored past issues that I didn’t realise I was holding on too and Baz helped me release the pain of my past.

Baz also set into motion lifestyle changes that have had a big positive impact on my life.

Throughout the last 2-3 months, it has been well worth it and I am now able to use the tools I have learnt and my new found happiness to keep on my passion and purpose in life… Thank you Baz.


Towards the end of 2019 I found I had severe issues with my Gut health which also affected my mental wellbeing.

Following receiving these results I asked Baz to support me in recovering my gut health and my wellbeing purely through Nutrition. Baz provided a very specific plan, a ‘Candida Nutrition Plan’ which supported me with my goal.

He provided daily support if I needed it and any alterations to my plan. What you have to understand is that with gut issues, one ingredient can really affect you.


I’m nearly 7 weeks into a nutrition plan that Baz designed for me, already seeing epic results. Unfortunately, the pandemic kicked in after our first training session, so we’ll be picking that up again after lockdown ends. For anyone thinking it’s not worth starting a plan until the current situation is over, think again…it really is. Put the groundwork in now and you’ll be good to go.

Baz is great, believe me I’ve sent him loads of WhatsApp’s with weird and wonderful queries and he always replies. He’s also really supportive, an all-round nice guy. 5 stars from me.


So happy with the results from the nutrition plan that was specifically designed for me.

After only 4 weeks I feel amazing! I have tried many fad diets over the years, and they have never worked and always left me feeling lethargic and I’d end up losing motivation after a few weeks of not seeing results.

Since being on this plan I feel full of energy, I’m sleeping better, my clothes are getting looser and my confidence has improved massively.

Can’t wait to see and feel my end results in time for my wedding. A huge thank you to Baz at velocity life and fitness!

I would highly recommend him to everyone!


I have been with Baz nearly a year now and he has helped through one of the hardest times in my life, going through a break up. The only other time that topped this was when I lost my mom.

There were times during the time we had together that I wanted to end it all and it was Baz with his guidance and support that stopped me from doing this. I will always remember it. I am grateful that he came into my life at the right time.

A genuine guy, caring and very good at what he does.


My husband and I have worked with Baz for 3 years now. He has been our personal trainer and I have recently started life coaching sessions. Baz has helped us both achieve our fitness goals, he is great at what he does!! He is committed to his clients and keeps you motivated through the tough times. Having recently started therapy sessions- Baz is patient, non judgemental and understanding. Although he takes his work seriously he is also a great laugh, friendly and isn’t offended when I have insulted him during my workouts haha but its all good, he pushes you and at the end we feel great!! Thanks Baz!


I have always been really nervous and unconfident in the gym!

I started personal training with Baz a few weeks ago and he has completely changed that. He has put me at ease and I now have good knowledge of the equipment.

He is available to chat to 24/7 about any worries/concerns advice etc and most importantly he knows what he is talking about and genuinely cares. If you are looking for a good PT look no further he is definitely the full package and worth every penny.


LIFE CHANGING stuff. Coach Baz’s knowledge and guidance literally changed my mindset and life for the better. Our online NLP therapy sessions were amazing and I’ll value the things I learnt during our time together, for the rest of my life. His training program also had me in the best shape of my life!

Grant (Bangkok, Thailand)


Have been training for a few weeks now and already starting to see a difference and feeling my fitness improve.

Fantastic trainer, Baz works around my hectic lifestyle of uni and being a single mum! Our sessions have been tailored to achieve the results I want along with loads of support with nutrition.

Highly recommended xx


Top class trainer, very knowledgeable with great session delivery and gets great results.

Highly recommend, not only a great trainer, but a top guy!


Started with Baz 3 months ago, mainly to build confidence in the gym. I knew what to do in the gym but never felt confident I was doing the right exercises for what I was trying to achieve or if I was doing the exercises correctly. I’ve been to the gym confidently by myself now not feeling self conscious people were looking at me. Now I dont care if they do, I know I’m doing everything right and have even taught friends a thing or two.

My 12 week program has finished now but once my half marathon is out the way I’ll be back to do more sessions and push myself more. Thanks for the laughs and encouragement too!


I am currently working to build up my strength for my training.

Only had a few sessions but can already feel a difference.

I thoroughly enjoy the sessions and always look forward to the next one.

Definitely recommend


Been working with Baz since November 2019.. Lost 2st so far and kept it off whilst in lockdown. Cant wait to get back to our weekly session another 1st should do it…

cheers Baz for all your support. X


Fantastic personal trainer. The results I have seen from my PT sessions over the last 15 weeks have been incredible. Baz has also provided me with a personalised nutrition plan specific to my needs. He is always on hand to offer encouragement and support. I am now eating better and feeling better within myself. Baz will always provide me with expert advice on exercises, meal planning and any other fitness/well being concerns I might have. Baz is happy to work around my work rota and child care routine.

I would highly recommend Baz as both a personal trainer and life coach. Very professional and a GREAT GUY!!


Well thought I would drop a review on here for Baz, I have completed my 12 week course with him and people who struggle with the gym or struggle with mental health need to be aware of what he can do for you….

I struggled having confidence at the gym felt like people were constantly looking at me and the longest I could stick to it was about 3-4 weeks before losing the want and need to go due to me not seeing results and not being able to lift heavier weights.

Baz has worked with me over the last 12 weeks and 100% boosted my confidence I feel at ease going on my own and even to train with my wife which at the beginning of this was …