Transform in 2023 – D e d i c a t i o n…. to a T

▪️ Had to pixilate the face due to Job Role

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (Physique, Strength & Building Positive Lasting Habits)

This clients dedication to his goal is pure bliss… I would go as far as saying he is the perfect client, following and dedicating his life to it and having a busy job and life.
This client is coming to the end of his bulk and had bulked out very well… (All Natural) When we drop to a calorie deficit, it’s going to be insane.

He has learnt so much on the journey and even though he was in the gym before working with me, his willingness to understand and know what works for him shows here and I’m proud of him…..

With the right guidance, he has found the love to train even more around his lifestyle and reach new goals with fantastic results. As well as our sessions, he has a programme to keep him on the right track including nutrition..
Proud of you my friend, let’s keep up the hard work . My clients learn that it is only you that is in the way of what you want to achieve.. Retrain the Brain as well as your body….