Daniel Jones


LEFT PICTURE: This was just as the gyms opened after the full lockdown in July…. Dan was at – 13 stone

RIGHT PICTURE: This is Dans current physique at 15st 7lbs…. Increase of 2.5 Stone, WOW

From increasing his fitness through lockdown through outdoor running & home workouts, to post lockdown when he started on the muscle gain/strength + increased calories.

We are still on the process and we are carrying on with the muscle gain but in just a short space of time, Dan is increasing muscle but is also keeping his fitness levels at a good level.. Getting stronger each week

This is his progression so far…. Great dedication and he is doing brilliantly… Gaining muscle, enjoying training, learning from our sessions together. I can’t wait to see even more progression upto Christmas 2020. Let’s keep going, focus and dedication to the cause is key…. Top man