Marcus Exley Robson


Another Transformation just 4 weeks apart and his amazing dedication to his goal

Client @marcus_the_viking has just started his journey to transform his body but most importantly to become more healthier Internally and Mentally

In only 4 weeks Marcus has been able to change and we can’t wait to carry on this progression to maintain a healthier lifestyle…. What I like to call the 80/20 Lifestyle.

now this….. Marcus never used the gym, even though he had one in his home. He just didn’t enjoy training. With the right guidance, he has found the love to train and reach new goals

His effort was 100% every time and also enjoyed his training around our sessions and on the road away from home. Myself and this client are in the process now of incorporating a nutrition change as we agreed not to overwhelm with too much to begin with…..

Proud of you Marcus, let’s keep up the hard work…. My clients learn that it is only you that is in the way of what you want to achieve.. Retrain the Brain aswell as your body….